The Labour Practice of our company is based on the principles of the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
The Company:

– finds the satisfaction and safety of its employees important and makes all possible efforts to preserve their health and create a safety work environment.

– helps its employees to develop their abilities and supports their lifelong learning with special programs.

– respects the employees’ right to privacy and life without inhumane or degrading treatment.

– makes its determinative decisions involving the representatives of the Trade Union and the Works Council, especially in cases concerning directly the employees. The topics of working conditions, wages and benefits, working hours of employees are regulated by the Collective Agreement which is annually supervised and renewed by the Employer and the Trade Union representing the employees.

The Company finds especially important to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and this way it rejects all forms of discrimination; it is committed to the national and international regulations related to the elimination of child and forced labour.